Friday, April 1, 2016

Using Removable Wallpaper or Traditional Wallpaper Methods

Removable wallpaper is probably the latest trends in household décor, and it’s undoubtedly something we’re seeing numerous of our customers here at NinjapPaper.
It is simply wallpaper that you simply peel and stick with simply no additional adhesives required, and it comes off as easily without leaving behind any residue just. Removable wallpaper will never damage your walls also, no matter how long it is left by you up. In this article, I will explain why, times often, removable wallpaper will be superior to traditional wallpaper.
Interior of toddler room. Before I explain the main differences between traditional and removable wallpaper, let’s review why you might choose to decorate with traditional wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper can be found in a wide variety of colors, patterns, constitution, and finishes. You can decorate your walls with a metallic or iridescent finish, or perhaps you may want a wallpaper with a satin or velvet texture, among the several other options available. Easily removed wallpaper is often only available inside a matte finish with a smooth or canvas texture. Wallpaper is also a great alternative to house paint. There are no harsh chemicals or fumes when applying traditional wallpaper usually, and it is often cheaper than house paint. Traditional wallpaper is also great if you prefer to decorate a room with patterns, rather than just color. Traditional wallpaper is also very easy to clean, and lasts nearly forever-perfect if you are committed to the general décor of your room.
One of the biggest complains people have together with traditional wallpaper is the installing. It is often messy, time-consuming, and you are required to buy extra supplies such as wallpaper rollers and paste. You can hire professionals to install your wallpaper for you always, but the only difference now's that you have to pay even more simply to have a beautiful wall.

Easily-removed wallpaper is very easy to put in: simply peel and stick.

Classic wallpaper is sold in proceeds measuring around 11 gardens in length and around 20 inches in width. Wider width rolls are the same length yet measure about 27 ins in width. This is what makes installation tricky also, as you may have to trim down the paper to fit your wall also, and making sure that the pattern fits up correctly. Depending on simply how much wall space you plan to cover, you always want to make sure you have enough wallpaper, so buying two rolls is necessary sometimes. However , then you may end up with leftover material that will go to waste just.
Detachable wallpaper is custom-printed to suit your walls. At NinjapPaper, all of us print our wallpaper throughout multiple, easy-to-install pre-cut tiles that apply seamlessly. Because every single design is custom-printed for the walls, there is no waste, so you are using exactly what you need.
High quality
Traditional wallpaper can be created using vinyl, paper, or textile. Depending on which material you utilize, the wallpaper may wrinkle up or even tear during installation. Each material calls for different kinds of adhesive, and some materials may even be more difficult to install than others. You also have to keep in mind where you plan to display your wallpaper. Most wallpapers materials are not waterproof, for example , so certain kinds may not be ideal for a kitchen or bathroom.
Most removable wallpaper is made from a thick, fabric-like material. The material we work with at NinjapPaper does not wrinkle, grab, or create air bubbles during installation. It is completely waterproof also, making it safe to use in a kitchen or bathroom perfectly.
Removal and commitment
Traditional wallpaper will be permanent, and with all the work to put it up, of course most people would rather it stays on their wall forever. For its permanence, traditional wallpaper is banned in most rentals. When you own your home, occasionally you may want to redecorate a room. Should you have traditional wallpaper, its design and color may dictate how your room will look. Removing the wallpaper often requires as much effort as installation. Similar to installation, it is messy also, requires extra supplies such as solvent and putty knives, and if you hire a professional remove the wallpaper for you, there will be labor and removal fees. Traditional wallpaper will also leave behind residue from both the wallpaper and the paste, as well as residue from the solvents used to remove the papers. You may even end up removing section of the drywall if you use your putty knife too hard, so you might have to follow up with some spackling.
Then again, taking down removable wallpaper is as easy as installation just. Simply peel it off and you are done. There is by no means any residue to worry about, and your walls will appear just as pristine before you even applied the wallpaper. This makes removable wallpaper ideal for someone who likes frequently to change up their decor. You can have a different set of wallpapers for every season even! Removable wallpaper is great for those who live in apartments also. Because it will not damage your walls, you don’t have to worry about dropping your security deposit or having to pay repair fees launched time to move out. Lastly, even though removable wallpaper is touted as temporary, it is durable enough to remain on your walls indefinitely.
Now that you know the differences between traditional and removable wallpaper, you probably feel relieved that modern wallpaper is no a hassle to install or as expensive longer, when you consider the cost of supplies and labor fees especially.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

NinjaPaper Wallpaper Borders: A DIY Can-DO!

For those of us who are looking to use patterns- but not on a whole entire wall -to punch up a room, a border is the perfect decorating solution.  Borders can bring a line of focus to the top of the room without distracting from the room’s entirety. 

To make things easier, use a leveler or ruler to make sure you have a straight line.  Use chalk or pencil to make your markings when figuring out where exactly to place your border. If you have a guide, like crown molding, your job is even easier! NinjaPaper Removable Wallpaper is self-adhesive and comes pre-cut to custom fit your room so you can look like a DIY genius in no-time!

A Border Can Cute-ify a Kid’s Room

Not every parent or child wants a gender-specific colored room (pink for Susie or blue for Bobby!) or to completely take a theme and go crazy (Hot Wheels everywhere!).  Borders can bring a subtle theme forward or unify a room’s color palette without hurting the eyes.  Houzz gives some great examples of wallpaper borders in kids rooms that exemplify this aesthetic.  Here a girl’s room has hints of pink with a fun polka dot pattern bordering her walls.  NinjaPaper has a similar take on a polka dot pattern that uses wallpaper borders as a fun way to add color and spunk.

Wallpaper Borders Can Open Up a Bathroom

Small spaces can look overwhelmed if using an all over pattern.  Wallpaper borders help bring the focal point to the height of the room without distracting the eye.  A great example is this black and white bathroom using a baroque style wallpaper to work with the original moldings of the house.  NinjaPaper uses the Black Baroque pattern to border a modern bathroom that has a black and orange color theme.  It draws the eye up without making the space seem smaller.